Saturday, August 29, 2009


I intend to write about my kids here. Their jokes, their experiences, their schoolings, their fights etc etc.

I have 5 lovely kids; 4 boys and 1 princess. My eldest, Radhi, is now 12 years old, sitting for his UPSR exams starting on 8th September, 2009. He is a very responsible chap, shy at times especially around unfamiliar faces, hard working, very strict with his siblings. Physically, he is a tall boy, already reaching my height and wears shoes of one size larger than me. Very keen in sports especially badminton and football.

My second guy is Nabil, coming to be 11 years old this December. He is very relax, jokes around as much as he can and not very adventurous. He likes things to be in order and lies in front of him. Nabil likes to tease people and this will lead to arguments and later, may turn the scenario into fights. He is very clever in his own way, trying to divert people's attention to other things rather than his mischievousness.

My middle man is Umar. A cute guy and very 'manja'. He likes us to spend time with him and always be beside him especially when he is doing his homework. He loves Mathematics very much and dislikes reading subjects. Umar will be 8 years old in December. His character is inclined towards Radhi, the eldest, but he likes to fool around with his other brother, Nabil. He loves his younger brother, Umar very much and adores him.

My princess is the fourth child and my only girl. She has very strong character and has a mind of her own. Very determined girl and likes to do school work or anything in that lines. She normally speaks in a very loud voice at home but she always loses them in school. Amani is 5 years old this year and had 2 years of kindergarden now.

My youngest so far is Othman, adored by all. Very independent and strong boy. He can makes friend with anybody, even those much much older than him. He always calls his brothers by names that I have to correct him every now and them. Very lovely and cuddly boy and can always find something to play with. He has a big tummy as he seldom rejects any offer for food.

Last but not the least, I love them all with their differences that creates my colourful life.